Heat wave in northern India is also serious temperature ...

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Heat wave in northern India is also serious temperature ... In for new markets, in order to build a business relationship with newly met local companies, Of the characteristics of the market understanding / product competitiveness and competition of other companies situation assess / agency study of assessing / professional trading company appointment of assessing / their organization's ability motivation of candidates, etc. There is a need to go packed from various points of view. The following is an overview per each. . Characteristics of the market () If a product called for the surface coating of the structure, of course, think that it would be the climatic conditions it is unexpected negligible element. It is the image of the [Middle East and the intense heat of the desert speaking], but one inland is the ultra-dry climate, is very humid in the coastal areas. But the common is, temperatures in around May - is very high, sometimes 0 exceeds Celsius at high temperatures (in the inland, the temperature difference between the day and night because of the desert climate is large) it.

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