Heat wave in northern India is also serious temperature ...

The world's highest temperature Celsius observation!

Heat wave in northern India is also serious temperature ... It is also hot today! Every year in the news have Nante the flow [highest temperature recorded update] I think it has not been paralyzed like a normal thing? Just as unusual is the heat of this year. Celsius to be the Indian all-time high temperature is observed in the month this year, The moon rises temperature to Celsius which is a record high in the Arctic Circle. In and day, temperature 2.0 degrees Celsius has been observed in the Mitoriba of the Middle East Kuwait. Published by the World Meteorological Organization, the world becomes a history-th high temperature records and things. By the way, it has been the world's highest temperature is, in years 0 days Was observed in the United States of Death Valley. It is Celsius. However, at the time of the observation data is also part lacks credibility Many of the scientists seem to be wondering this number. According to the atmospheric climate Institute of Switzerland, and in this state global warming progresses, up to 00 years In the Middle East part of the region of that of a person is at risk of being no longer able to live on.

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