Heat wave in northern India is also serious temperature ...

Countermeasure information Drosophila of global warming and climate change

Heat wave in northern India is also serious temperature ... This year also died all cricket that made me hear the beautiful voice, became somehow suddenly lonely. But what is to say that instead, in the garden Kanetataki is Chin, Chin, singing to Ching and choppy, me some comfort the heart. His voice is quiet, small but life force is strong, even in the winter hear his voice. But boring cricket is not languished as one of the rather insect fan, a little nice to have been released from Kobae. Neat or over the cloth, even though or covered with a made prevention sheet, unawares, it is provoking insects that are invading from somewhere. While so good in fact, whether referred to in the world [Kobae] is what, I did not know well. In so far have lived environment, because was not familiar human that emits the word [Kobae]. Well to the Wari, hear that of insects that [Kobae]. There are also goods in order to prevent it, it seems to be pretty selling. I'm What [Kobae]? Suddenly, I got question. If you go by that [children of flies], or that of the maggots are fly larvae? Maggots would be a form of caterpillars.

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